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How long-term vision drives change at Argo

As Argo recruits top talent and addresses climate change, they remain future-focused.

For Argo Group, change always includes a vision for the future. 

“We make changes at Argo proactively,” says Ken Jaegge, Vice President of Marketing and Distribution Manager. “We envision the future we want to see, then change accordingly to better achieve our core purpose.” 

To realize that vision, Argo invests in a future workforce that is educated, diverse and aligned with the company’s goals and principles, including responsible environmental stewardship. 

Future-focused workplace

“The workplace of tomorrow is much more diverse than the workplace of the past,” says Claire Conneely, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner. “A diverse workforce strengthens our company culture and empowers our business with unique perspectives to succeed in the long run.” 

To increase the diversity of their workforce, Argo has partnered with more than 20 professional organizations to recruit diverse talent, including the Association of Professional Insurance Women and the National African American Insurance Association. 

Conneely also explains how Argo’s recruitment efforts align with the company’s comprehensive training program. Every employee and manager at Argo receives training on subjects ranging from diversity and inclusion, leadership, professional development and more. In addition to the company’s internal Argo Academy and SHINE ONboarding program, Argo partners with 28 external education agencies.  

Sustainable business and planet

All that recruitment and training equips Argo to handle the unique challenges of the world ahead, including climate change. 

“Argo’s vision extends beyond our own workplace,” says Alison Gaudette, Sustainability Manager. “By setting up a great place to work and defining our purpose, we can create business solutions that help address societal challenges.”  

To meet a global challenge like climate change, Argo looks to its in-house Innovation Council and partnerships with outside agencies like the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, to pioneer new ways of assessing climate risk. 

For Ken Jaegge, it’s all part of a holistic vision. “Meaningful change requires more than moment-to-moment adjustments,” he says. “We must adapt for the long term, with an idea of what we want the future to look like and how we want to get there. We keep this vision in mind always as we implement changes at Argo.”

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