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How Argo Employees Are Serving Communities This Season & Beyond

Argo's Community Relations Committees (CRCs) are making a lasting impact through diverse initiatives in education, social services and other causes.

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The holiday season is a great time to give back, but Argo employees have made it a year-round pursuit. Discover how Argo’s Community Relations Committees (CRCs), employee-led groups serving the communities where they live and work, collaborate with local non-profits.

Inspiring Chicago Residents to Care for Their Neighborhoods


“The efforts of My Block My Hood My City help build relationships within the community by leading by example. Residents and passersby see us working to pick up trash and fixing the greenery. This inspires others to care and put in effort of their own.” – Evan Harris, Assistant Actuarial Analyst 

Supporting Family and Friends in the Tight-Knit Community of Bermuda


“Bermuda struggles with many of the same issues faced by larger developed nations, including healthcare inequities resulting in late identification and treatment of disease. We recently raised money in support of breast cancer awareness. With a population of just 60,000, Bermuda is a small and close-knit community. When we support the community through giving, we are supporting people we know – relatives and friends.” – Bill Wharton, Head of Argo Insurance – Bermuda 

Embracing Hispanic Culture and Raising Scholarship Funds in Houston


“The Houston CRC’s work with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Go Tejano Committee (GTC) was especially personal to me. GTC hosts various events in support of scholarship funds for students in need. The events bring visibility to the importance of coming together as a Hispanic community while incorporating our culture and building relationships and volunteering with the community. Last year, GTC awarded five graduating seniors with scholarships to support them throughout all four years of their college career.” – Irene Breeden, AVP, IT Audit Governance  

Connecting With Colleagues While Providing Social Services in Richmond


“As a former Social Services worker, I’m grateful that my CRC volunteers with a local organization providing reliable, trauma-informed community support. It’s been a breath of fresh air in the remote world to get out and give back to my community with the support of Argo! Not only are we working together, we are also making an impact on our community. Everyone is bringing their best to these occasions because we appreciate the opportunity to serve.” – Sara Huotari, Operations Specialist 

Developing Relationships With Brokers While Supporting Animal Welfare in New York

New York

“Last winter, the New York CRC volunteered at Animal Haven to clean dog and cat habitats, give dogs baths and walk dogs around the neighborhood. In addition to Argo employees, we invited some of our broker partners. Some of the animals had special needs and the group worked together to tend to each need and get the job done. It was a great way to socialize with our business partners while giving back to the community.” – Tracy Sartorius, Vice President, East Public Leader 

Addressing Food Insecurity During the Holidays in San Antonio

San Antonio

“The San Antonio Turkey Drive is a testament to our commitment to addressing food insecurity. During the holiday season, many local families don’t have the luxury of sharing a meal together. Sitting around the table isn’t just about the food, it’s an opportunity to connect with one another and remember all we have to be thankful for. By working together to provide Thanksgiving meals, we’re doing more than just feeding families; we’re sharing the spirit of the season with those in need.” – Lindsey Murray, Regulatory Tax Clerk 

From cleaning up neighborhoods to fostering relationships and fighting food insecurity, Argo’s teams are dedicated to creating a positive social impact that resonates beyond this festive season. See more examples of Argo’s commitment to making a difference.

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