Argo CEO Jessica Buss Reveals Personal and Organizational Habits that Lead to Success

Buss sat down with APCIA’s Paul Blume to talk work-life balance, business strategy and the newly restructured Argo.

Argo CEO Jessica Buss shared career advice and industry insights in an interview with Paul Blume, Chief Operating Officer of the American Property Casualty Insurance Association. The two discussed:   

  • Daily habits for success. Buss’s morning routine includes rigorous exercise, setting goals and planning her day to deal with the biggest challenges first.
  • Work-life balance. Buss shares how balancing remote work with time in the office can help teams solve problems more efficiently while providing mentorship opportunities to early career professionals.
  • Argo’s new structure and strategy. The Argo CEO explains how removing silos throughout the organization facilitated greater collaboration and renewed alignment on top business priorities. 

Hear more insights on these and other topics in the full video. 

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