Argo’s Socioeconomic ERG Challenges Convention and Expands Opportunities

See how the group removes barriers and advocates for impactful change.

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For job candidates from underprivileged backgrounds, nontraditional experience and education can be obstacles to a career. But Argo’s Socioeconomic Employee Resource Group (ERG) aims to change that. Their mission: empower communities that need good employment opportunities while invigorating the industry with fresh talent. 

  • The ERG’s community outreach efforts raise awareness of insurance career opportunities. “We took on an initiative to expand the group’s educational efforts,” says Bonnie Brumley, VP, Head of Marketing Analytics and Chair of the Socioeconomic ERG. “That was to go out to these socioeconomically challenged communities and let them know what insurance is, how it connects to their world and how they can get involved in the insurance industry.” 
  • They advocate for rethinking career barriers such as college degrees. Many insurance positions require a college degree, which can bar otherwise-qualified candidates who took a less traditional career path. “As managers had new roles become available, the Socioeconomic team worked with the talent team to determine, ‘Do we really need a Bachelor’s degree or higher?’” says Bill Queenan, Head of HR. Thanks to ERG advocates innovating solutions with company leaders, many of Argo’s roles no longer require a four-year degree.
  • Argo extends opportunities through internships and apprenticeships. Annette Berain, Digital Marketing Specialist, was a single mother when she landed an Argo apprenticeship. “When I got the apprenticeship, I was not only grateful, I was definitely relieved,” she says. Now, she’s a thriving member of a successful Argo team. “I love that I’m learning every day, and that Argo has so many opportunities to advance your career, to learn, and to help other people.” 

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