Argo Academy

Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit

We are committed to empowering our employees and strengthening the workforce. Our learning and development program, Argo Academy, provides educational pathways to our employees to ensure they have information and resources to stay current on market needs, technology and customer preferences. It also offers pathways for developing personal and professional skill sets to benefit employees in any role.

All employees have access to tuition and professional reimbursement for career-specific education needs. This allows Argo to have a strong, skilled and flexible workforce in the industry’s changing landscape.

Learning with Argo Academy

We curated Argo Academy’s tech infrastructure from the ground up three years ago. It continues to evolve, delivering customized experiences for full- and part-time employees, including contractors.

The curriculum is developed:

  • In response to employee crowdsourcing and surveys
  • In direct alignment to business strategy
  • Through collaborative partnership with key leaders
  • With integrated workforce development and planning

We offer additional job-specific specialized trainings, and employees are encouraged to work with their managers to define their customized career and development paths. Employees’ individual career pathways create a more engaged workforce and lead to personal career goals that work parallel to achieving the company’s goals.

Job-specific training examples include:

  • Client success for Underwriters
  • Customized Degreed pathways for specific roles and departments such as surety, claims and risk management

Our approach is validated through learning and development experts, including Degreed, Harvard University, Stagen Leadership, Mind Gym, AchieveForum, ELI, Glint and Bridge.

5+ daily,
development opportunities

Training is often personalized to each employee and enable social, democratized learning through the Degreed platform.

annual average
tuition reimbursement

We support employees in their higher educational pursuits with partners that include Harvard University, the University of Texas system, the University of Pittsburgh and Southern New Hampshire University.

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