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Improving Safety and Protection

Risk Control

Improving Safety and Protection

Rockwood partners with you to keep your people safe and your business protected. Evaluating the insurability of risks and identifying potential on-site hazards are integral to successful underwriting and claims handling. Our professionals dedicated to your account will foster relationships that go beyond the normal purchase of an insurance policy.

Tools and training

Our risk control team can help you with:

  •   Accident prevention and investigation training
  •   Integrated claims management
  •   Safety committee development and certification
  •   Customized safety program development
  •   Hazard identification programs

We also have free resources for policyholders. For more information, call 814-926-5308, or email [email protected].

Risk control is at the core of saving money.

In the underwriting process, we work closely with our insureds to customize policies to their needs. In the claims process, insureds participate in decisions about resolutions, amounts paid and amounts held in reserve. In between obtaining insurance coverage and using this coverage is where we can help you the most. A risk control representative is dedicated specifically to your business, routinely conducting risk control and program reviews. You can receive a program analysis monthly, and we offer access and technical support for internet reports.

Office Locations

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Rockwood, PA 15557

Toll-free: 800-837-9062
Phone: 814-926-4661
Fax: 814-926-3249

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