Workers Compensation Online Claim Reporting

The information on this page is for all Rockwood serviced policyholders. Rockwood may issue policies using any of the carriers listed below. Please do not use this page if your policy was not issued by Rockwood. Please contact your agent or Rockwood with any questions.

Rockwood Casualty Insurance Company
Somerset Casualty Insurance Company
Colony Specialty Insurance Company
Colony Insurance Company
Argonaut Insurance Company
Argonaut Great Central Insurance Company
Argonaut-Midwest Insurance Company

Report Workers Compensation Claims

To report a Workers Compensation claim online, click on the box below.

Note: Enter the Injured worker’s legal name on the injury reports as it appears on their social security card as well as their social security number. This information is required as per Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007.

Report a New Claim

Workers Compensation Claims Kit

This kit is provided to new workers’ compensation policyholders and their agents, as well as to all current policyholders when their policies renew. It contains important claims department contact information, instructions, and forms. Use of the forms available on this site are intended for the exclusive use of our policyholders and their agents.

Access the Claims Kit

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

To report a workers compensation claim other than via our online portal, please send new loss notices via email to [email protected] or mail to:

Rockwood Casualty Insurance Company
Attn: Claims Dept.
654 Main St.
Rockwood, PA 15557
Fax: 814-926-5215
Phone: 800-837-9062
Email: [email protected]

Statement of Wage Forms


Additional Forms

Select one of the forms above, fill out the form and save it. You can email the form to [email protected] or as an attachment when using the report a new claim link above on page 4 of the form.

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