When a risk becomes a reality, Rockwood’s priority is to handle all claims promptly and equitably and to control loss severity, cost and expenses.

Liability Claims

With an average tenure of more than 20 years, our liability claims staff is able to respond to claims under any policy: commercial general liability, business and trucker’s automobile liability, pollution liability, bonds, multi-peril policies including property and contents, inland marine and other lines of business. We investigate reported claims immediately. Claims investigations are conducted directly by Rockwood whenever possible, or through independent investigators when we can’t respond fast enough. 

Filing Liability and Other Claims

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To report a property, general liability or automobile claim, please select one or more of the following forms below as appropriate, complete the form online and hit “Submit” when finished.

Workers Compensation Claims

Upon notification of a workers compensation claim, a three-point contact is immediately triggered: to the insured, the injured employee and the medical provider. We have trained medical professionals on our staff and also use a medical management facility to assist our claims adjusters. Prompt handling and regular contact aim to prevent a claim from becoming a long-term burden. Our claims adjusters use independent medical examinations, vocational rehabilitation/job placement to help care for your insured workers, and surveillance and anti-fraud measures to protect your business from fraudulent workers’ compensation claims.

Filing a Workers Compensation Claims

To report a workers compensation claim, please select one or more of the following forms below as appropriate, complete the form, print and submit by email to or mail to:

Rockwood Casualty Insurance Company

Attn: Claims Dept.

654 Main St.

Rockwood, PA 15557

Fax: 814-926-5215

Phone: 800-837-9062

Submit Loss Notices

Employers may submit loss notices via mail, email, fax or phone to:

Rockwood Casualty Insurance Company

Attn: Claims Dept.

654 Main St.

Rockwood, PA 15557

Fax: 814-926-5215

Phone: 800-837-9062


Help Us Help You: Report Claims Early

Timely reporting of a loss or claim is always important, but even more so in the case of a workers’ compensation claim.

For liability claims, prompt notice allows the claims examiner to intervene soon after the incident occurs and, where liability is likely, to establish rapport with the claimant.

With property claims, prompt reporting can result in early coordination of services, which may decrease the interruption of business and assure protection of the property from further damage.

Early claim reporting helps Rockwood help injured workers and their employers. Rockwood will:

  • Assist injured workers in finding a qualified medical provider.
  • Identify return-to-work opportunities that minimize downtime and costs for employers.
  • Contact claimants promptly to get facts and evidence early.

Prompt reporting affects the cost of a claim. When the claim is reported and handled early, the injured employee:

  • Receives proper medical attention more quickly so his/her condition is less likely to worsen.
  • Is less likely to become anxious or disgruntled.
  • Is more likely to heal more quickly and return to work sooner.

Preferred Medical Network: an effective pharmacy program

Preferred Medical Network is the leading online solution for alleviating high workers’ compensation drug costs. This program electronically adjudicates retail prescription claims at the pharmacy counter before medications are dispensed. Claims adjusters maintain point-of-sale management, while injured workers receive authorized prescriptions quickly and seamlessly. No cards are required, though they may be used to supplement the program.

PMN directly contracts and maintains its own pharmacy network, with more than 50,000 major chains and independent pharmacies nationwide, and negotiates substantial volume discounts with pharmacies for prescription drugs. These prescription drug cost savings are ultimately passed on to you by way of decreased medical payments.

If you have questions concerning the PMN program, please contact your Rockwood representative, or call Rick Tipton toll-free at: 800-837-9062, ext. 5280. Prescription information: 800-964-2535

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