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How the UK Intern Program Improved Argo’s ESG Efforts

Three ways the next generation is providing forward-thinking solutions.

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Argo Group worked to reduce its environmental impact while empowering the next generation of insurers through a London-based internship program.

College students help Argo reduce its carbon footprint by:

  1. Prioritizing ESG initiatives at Argo. The group helped align ESG initiatives across the company, which impressed intern Efetobore Efemini. “I think ESG isn’t necessarily a widely considered topic,he said. “But I definitely say it is at Argo.”
  2. Promoting greener commuting methods. According to intern Minhaz Rahman, ESG issues are a big risk factor “not just for Argo and insurers, but globally for all companies.” By addressing indirect emissions from commuting, the group brought focus to this often-overlooked issue. 
  3. Reducing consumption both in and out of the office. “We thought of innovative ways from the bottom-up to influence company culture,” says intern Sophie Washbrook. The team promoted sustainable clothing options and encouraged employees to use reusable dishes for food and drinks.

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