Real Estate Developers PROtect℠

Professional liability coverage for firms and people engaged in real estate development.

Coverage Highlights

• Protection for claims arising from:

– Professional liability

– Cyber liability (including social engineering incidents)

– Pollution liability

• Coverage for the following supplemental payments:

– Crisis management expenses

– Appearance at proceedings

– Disciplinary proceedings

– Subpoena assistance

– ADA, FHA and OSHA legal expense reimbursement

– Cleanup costs coverage

• Industry-leading broad definition of real estate development

• Failure to maintain insurance coverage for property management

• Rectification costs included

• No faulty workmanship exclusion

• No exclusion for claims involving financing activities

• Emergency remediation coverage

• Insured versus insured exclusion does not apply to investors

• Waiver of subrogation rights when insured agrees to prospectively waive via written contract

• No hammer clause

• Choice of counsel, with insurer’s consent

• Up to $25,000 deductible credit for voluntary mediation

• Automatic coverage for acquisitions of entities whose revenues are less than 50 percent of the named insured’s revenues

• Wrongful act includes “personal injury offense”

• Final adjudication of fraud claims

• Punitive and exemplary damages covered, where insurable

• Definition of insured includes independent contractors, interns, volunteers, spouses and domestic partners

• Project-specific excess coverage available

• Free and unlimited risk management services include:

– Pre-claims assistance provided by Argo claims team

– Contract review

Coverage Limits

• Maximum capacity: $10 million

• Minimum deductible: $10,000

• Minimum premium: $10,000

Appetite & Availability

Targeted risks

• Firms that build primary residences

• Those who acquire, renovate and maintain commercial buildings

• Those who develop land for others to build on

• Real estate investment trusts

• Solar field project developers



Craig Landi



Daniel Gmelin

Vice President, Architects & Engineers