Professional and management liability

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Top 6 Liability Risks for Lawyers

Cyberattacks and changes in marijuana laws are some of the key issues discussed at a recent conference about exposures attorneys face.

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10 Crucial Steps You Should Take Now to Reduce Cyberthreats in the Boardroom

The rise in the number of data breaches against businesses has also resulted in a growing number of lawsuits filed against directors and officers.

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Contractors PROtect℠

Argo Pro’s policy is designed to address complex needs including exposures relating to construction and pollution.

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This Is Why Private Companies Should Minimize These Top 5 Risks

For managers of private companies, risks are sometimes unavoidable. But they can at least be mitigated with these five tips.

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Insurance’s Important Role In Awe-Inspiring Bridge Construction

A massive New York construction project reminds one insurance official of his industry’s increasingly important role in infrastructure.

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Top Liability Risks Facing Lawyers Today

An increasingly aging client population and changes in marijuana laws are some of the big topics being discussed in legal circles.

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Top Trends That Impact Professional Liability Coverage for Lawyers

Understanding their changing priorities and challenges is essential for brokers selling legal malpractice insurance.

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Lawyers PROtect℠

Argo Pro’s Lawyers’ PROtect policy provides protection to attorneys and employees of law firms addressing inherent exposures associated with the practice of law, including third party cyber and social engineering exposures.

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