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Help Minimize Your EPL Risk with Argo Pro’s Free Resource Center

Discover 5 ways to power up your HR team and find the support you need to save time and money.

Employment law is complex and always evolving. Managers can use any extra help they can get to stay on top of it. That’s why Argo Pro teamed up with Zywave, formerly Enquiron, to launch the Argo Resource Center.

5 ways the Argo Resource Center empowers employment practices liabilities (EPL) policyholders

1. Minimize risk to save time and money. “Helping companies avoid litigation is a big deal, saving time and energy,” says Ann McCarthy, SVP, Private Commercial Underwriting at Argo Pro. “This is an easy way to access information, resources and educational material, as well as seek confidential advice from employment law attorneys.”

2. Expand your teams’ HR capabilities. With a state-specific handbook-building tool, online training modules and a job description builder, the Argo Resource Center is a powerful augmentation for smaller and mid-size HR teams while being a valuable research tool for larger firms.

3. Meet federal and state-specific training requirements. The resource center includes sexual harassment prevention training, as well as online compliance tools, guides and checklists, including Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) website compliance.

4. Get unlimited advice from employment law experts on your most pressing questions. Ask specific questions and receive specific, documented, and confidential answers, with a guaranteed response by the end of the next day.

5. Gain additional support for a multitude of common employment issues. Find resources to help with layoffs, furloughs, bringing employees back to work, drug testing, parental leave, and ADA accommodations.

Access the Argo Resource Center for free with any Argo Pro policy

Learn more about how a partnership with Argo Pro can support your management and employment practices liability needs.

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