Real Estate Services PROtect℠

Professional liability insurance for firms and people engaged in real estate sales and real estate management.

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Contractors PROtect℠

Professional liability insurance for the complex needs of contractors, including exposures relating to construction and pollution.

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Private Equity PROtect℠

A comprehensive suite of insurance coverage for private equity firms and portfolio companies, to mitigate risks throughout the investment cycle.

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Real Estate Developers PROtect℠

Professional liability insurance for firms and people engaged in real estate development.

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Asset Management PROtect℠

Professional liability and/or management liability package offering investment advisers access to various coverages under one admitted policy.

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Miscellaneous PROtect℠

Professional liability insurance for professionals, businesses and consultants for exposures that arise out of rendering services and advice.

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Lawyers PROtect℠

Professional liability for attorneys and employees of law firms engaged in private practice, addressing inherent exposures associated with the practice of law.

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Argo Pro XS PROtect℠

Customizable excess management and professional liability coverage structures, based upon risk appetite and risk management objectives, including options for shared or separate limits.

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Directors and Officers Excess Side A DIC PROtect℠

Management liability for directors and officers of public, private and non-profit organizations for D&O claims that are non-indemnifiable and are not paid by underlying insurance, as well as broad difference in conditions (DIC) coverage for a dropdown event.

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Private Company PROtect℠

Private Company PROtect is a management liability packaged product offering that gives private companies access to various types of coverage, including directors and officers, employment practices and fiduciary under one policy.

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