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Data Scientist

Before the dawn of everything internet, insurance was intimate and personal. You walked down the street to chat with your broker and the risk to your business, your livelihood, was covered with a handshake. Today is different. The average insurance policy for a mom-and-pop store trades through a dozen different hands and traverses a maze of systems and processes. Few are accountable and fewer know the whole story.

This is just a taste of the type of big problem we want you to solve. We seek a data scientist to help drive a new digital product innovation team on a mission to bring a new type of interaction to a market once exclusively driven by in-person relationships.

As one of the founding members of a small, multi-disciplinary team of technologists, designers and product managers, you’ll have the freedom to make key product decisions without much oversight, and the tools and resources to build and ship ideas quickly. You’ll be a part of a startup-like environment in a company with thousands of existing customers.

Who you are

You’re working at a startup with a lifespan near its finish. You’re the talented member of a team at a popular technology company looking for the opportunity to have more control and leadership. You’re the workhorse at an agency, tired of coding products for promotions instead of real users. Ever thought of creating your own product?

Some signs you might be ready:

  • You are excited to craft and deploy models that transform one of the most entrenched industries in the world.
  • You want to use your statistical, scientific and engineering training to work with data structures where off-the-shelf programs just won’t do it.
  • You paint with plots and your models don’t keep secrets.
  • NLP isn’t a foreign acronym and you’ve gone from strings to whiskers.
  • You sail smooth in R and always have numPy, sciPy and scikit-learn on deck.
  • K-means more than a curt text and Logit and Probit are not Hobbit characters.
  • Your best friend is a banker and you want your neighbor to be an engineer.
  • You’ve taken a Turing test and weren’t sure about the results.
  • You have experience with relational databases such as PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server, and maybe even Hadoop, Hive, Spark or Redshift.

What you'll own

  • The foundation for advanced analytics at a global company.
  • The roadmap of projects you’ll work on that tie directly to business goals and objectives.
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of data projects from strategic planning to tactical activities (data collection, cleanup, analysis, model implementation).
  • Sourcing new data for a firm that rarely scrapes, pulls or pushes.
  • Facilitate communication throughout the development process between executive stakeholders, your customers (internal business unit leaders) and technical teams that are implementing/automating your work .
  • Coordinate and build strong working relations with various internal stakeholder groups, including IT, engineering and legal.

Skill set

  • Data architecture and management (PostgreSQL, Hadoop, Oracle, Hive, Spark, Redshift and/or SQL Server)
  • Machine Learning / AI (Decision trees, association rules, neural networks, inductive logic, clustering and classification, Bayesian networks, supervised or unsupervised learning)
  • Statistical modeling (R, numPy, Julia, Matlab, Stata, SAS)
  • Degree or certification in computer science, econometrics, statistics, mathematics or equivalent

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