5 Ways Argo Group Helps New Hires Excel From Day One

Beginning a new job or career can be daunting but Argo provides the support employees need to succeed.

Argo Group offers a supportive environment that values employees’ contributions no matter where they are in their career. In addition to robust onboarding, the company provides programs and practices that support colleagues throughout their time at the company.  

  1. Leaders actively listen and learn from employees. Great ideas can come from anywhere, and open communication is key to building a great team. Argo fosters a spirit of trust and collaboration through regular meetings between managers and their reports, an annual employee engagement survey and in-person meetups for teams following a hybrid model.
  2. Employees expand their skillsets through the Stretch Marketplace. Argo is committed to giving employees exposure to opportunities across the company. Through the Stretch Marketplace, employees can apply to take on assignments outside of their typical responsibilities, exposing them to career and networking opportunities while expanding their existing skillset.
  3. Any employee can make an impact through the Argo Innovates program. Employees can submit suggestions on everything from business opportunities to ways to give back to the community – then receive support and resources to implement winning ideas. Changes at Argo are also advanced by the Innovation Council, a network of ambassadors from every area of the business. 
  4. Employee-led groups help Argo maintain an inclusive work culture. Through Employee Resource Groups, employees with shared interests can network, find community, share ideas and help the company take action. Groups host discussions on important topics and advocate for ways the organization can become even more inclusive.
  5. Argo’s mentorship program pairs early career professionals with seasoned colleagues. Employees can apply to be matched with an experienced colleague for a formal mentorship. Through scheduled meetings and an open line of communication, rising leaders find the wisdom they need to excel.  

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Visit the Careers page to discover all the ways the company helps employees succeed. 

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