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3 Argo Women Share Wisdom for Early Career Professionals

How women entering the insurance field can find success at Argo Group and across the industry.

With a workforce comprised of 53% women and growing, Argo is committed to creating a culture where women can thrive. These five leaders share why their career at Argo has been so rewarding – and how others can find similar success.

Sandy Zrimsek Headshot

Sandy Zrimsek, Vice President, Head of Garage
Young women are the future of insurance! Women have powerful intuition that can help make well-informed, efficient decisions. I urge women to speak up and lead.”



Amber Gargan Headshot

Amber Gargan, Underwriting Manager, Garage
Take as many insurance classes as possible to broaden your horizons. Embrace your curiosity and learn everything you can about the industry.”                                                                                



Kerri Irving Headshot

Kerri Irving, Underwriting Manager, Garage
Push yourself and break out of your comfort zone. There will be days when your confidence is in tatters, but remember: every setback is an opportunity for growth.”



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