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Argo Employees Share How Volunteering Brings Satisfaction and Builds Community

Volunteering brings health benefits, connections to colleagues and increased job satisfaction.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, volunteering “reduces stress and increases positive, relaxed feelings.”1 Employees at Argo Group know this well. They experience it first-hand by joining local Community Relations Committees (CRCs) and utilizing the tools Argo provides to improve their communities and connect with peers.

Mandy Owens Headshot

Mandy Owens, Senior Underwriter, Argo Construction, Middle Market, Secretary of Richmond CRC
Working side by side at an event gives you a lot more opportunities to talk and get to know each other. You get to meet new colleagues, colleagues you rarely see in the office, and share those experiences together.”


Marta Moscot Headshot

Marta Moscot, Analyst – Account I, San Antonio CRC member
When you give, you become a happier person. Studies have shown that this is proven to also reduce depression. I find it fulfilling. There’s something going on psychologically that gratifies me.”                                                                                 


Katherine Subasic Headshot

Katherine Subasic, Assistant General Counsel, Chairperson of New York City CRC
Just knowing we have the resources to join a CRC in our area, volunteer our time, or make charitable donations helps employees feel supported by Argo in taking actions that serve a greater purpose.”


Employees use the resources available at Argo to give in the way that fits their style

Whether a colleague prefers to do hands-on volunteer work, donate money or coordinate volunteer events behind the scenes, Argo has opportunities for them to give back in the way they’re most comfortable.

  • Paid time off to volunteer: Every Argo employee is given eight hours of leave each year to take time off to support a nonprofit of their choice.
  • Matching gifts program: Argo matches 100% of employee donations to eligible nonprofits, up to $5,000 each year per employee.
  • Community Relations Committees (CRCs): Argo offices around the country have CRCs to coordinate partnerships with community organizations.

Ready to join a team that empowers you to give back?

Visit Argo’s career page to view a list of opportunities and join a company that values making a difference. 

1. Helping people, changing lives: 3 health benefits of volunteering, The Mayo Clinic Health System, September 16, 2021.

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