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These Mentorship Programs Help Argo Employees Write Their Own Success Stories

Argo Group fosters individual success through a variety of mentorship initiatives.

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Because no two paths to success are exactly alike, Argo Group provides a variety of mentorship and connection opportunities for employees to choose from.  

  • Professional growth through group discussion. The ion Learning program, a self-guided diversity and inclusion curriculum, includes the opportunity for group discussion with Argo peers. Neil Klusky, VP, IT Financial and Resource Management, says, The group interactions were truly what made this experience unique. It helped us apply what we learned in a more personal way.
  • Building bridges across departments. For employees seeking a less-structured growth track, the Early Career Professionals Employee Resource Group (ERG) created the Coffee Chat program. It’s an internal networking initiative that pairs employees with new colleagues every month,” explains Jennifer Mendez, Director, Digital Marketing Communications and Chair of the Early Career Professionals ERG.These events are important because they help foster open communication, build relationships and encourage a more collaborative and inclusive work environment.
  • Fostering genuine mentor relationships. Through mentorships, Argo facilitates in-depth learning relationships between junior and senior employees. Danielle Sheridan, AVP, Construction, says, “This program has really supported my professional growth. I wouldn’t be half the leader I am today without my mentor. Danielle’s mentor, LaQuisha McCraw, AVP, Underwriting, says it was a mutually beneficial experience. Mentoring contributed to my own professional growth because I learned so much from my mentee.”

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