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Why Authenticity Is Good for Employees and Business

By creating an environment where employees can be themselves in the workplace, Argo benefits from increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

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“We spend so much time at work,” says Shelby Thomas, SVP of National Claims Operations at Argo. “It’s important to feel that you’re in a place where you can truly develop and evolve.”

Here are three positive benefits of encouraging self-expression in the workplace.

  1. Authentic self-expression leads to creativity and productivity. “If you’re not authentic, you’re not comfortable,” says Argo’s Chief Accounting Officer, David Chan. “It starts impeding on a lot of things – not just productivity but how you interact with your colleagues and peers.” According to Chan, hiding part of your identity creates a mental and emotional burden. By creating an open environment, managers help employees do higher-quality work that positively impacts the business.
  2. A culture of authenticity helps empower underrepresented groups. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a powerful vehicle for self-expression at Argo. “I’ve invited ERGs to speak to my team so they understand the avenues that they have to express their ideas, and it’s really inspired people to tell their own story,” says Thomas. Knowing that colleagues are encouraged to be themselves in the workplace can empower employees from similar backgrounds to do the same.
  3. Open dialogue can strengthen relationships between employees and leadership. “At Argo, employees are encouraged to speak their minds honestly, both with one another and with leadership,” says Mike Tiliakos, General Counsel. To support this dialogue, senior leadership meets with employees in Argo offices around the country and at every level of the organization. “When employees know their contribution is valued, it creates opportunities for innovation and learning.”

Ready to join a workplace that empowers you to speak your mind? Learn more about careers at Argo.

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