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The Value of Hybrid Work

Argo Group prioritizes flexibility and employee needs.

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By Silvana Nuzzo, Vice President, Total Rewards

Since my first day close to four years ago, I’ve been a hybrid employee, sometimes working from home and other times commuting to the New York office. Argo has allowed me the freedom to switch between prioritizing family and career as necessary.

Since I’m close to Argo’s New York City offices, I’d typically commute in twice a week and work from home on the other days, checking in with colleagues over the phone and scheduling meetings over Microsoft Teams, with little pockets of time blocked off to walk my two young children to school or take them to soccer practice. When the pandemic hit, I was well prepared for the “new normal” of remote work.

Missing travel and in-person meetings

Before the pandemic, travel was one of my favorite parts of my job. Interpersonal communication and connection are invaluable to developing team chemistry. Throughout quarantine, it’s been tough to maintain that same level of connection, especially since I was used to flying to in-person meetings with my team in San Antonio at least quarterly. These meetings have become video calls.

Team members in San Antonio were accustomed to seeing each other daily, socializing, and getting together after work. It was hard on them when offices shut, but as a leader, it was my job to ensure they had the opportunity to build a new kind of camaraderie in our bi-weekly meetings and impromptu, congenial phone calls.

There’s something to be said about a full office firing on all cylinders. I miss witnessing the vivacious energy and small interactions that brighten everyone’s day. I am looking forward to getting back out there – hopefully sooner rather than later.

Lessons learned and new routines

While I certainly miss the way things were, having extra time at home has provided unexpected blessings. I’m able to spend more time with my family, enjoying the little things that I might have missed if I were commuting – getting together to cook a meal or just sitting on the couch to watch a TV show or a movie.

While I sometimes miss racking up those frequent flyer miles, I’m grateful Argo has helped me balance my family and work life. Still, I’m looking forward to face-to-face meetings with my team again!

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