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By Mark Rose, Chief Investment Officer

The world went through a massive change over the past 18 months. Like many people with the option to do so, I recalibrated, and fortunately, the transition to virtual communication and remote work has been smooth. My team and I have established a hybrid working schedule and have achieved major accomplishments.

Flexibility is key. While most of our work is done at home, it is a huge advantage to meet in-person to discuss details, strategize and gather information from a variety of sources. These face-to-face interactions occur a couple of times per month and not just in the office environment. We sometimes opt for breakfast or a lunch gathering as a way to bond and catch up. Sometimes we need candid, in-person moments but less structure.

Here’s what else I learned over the past year and a half about the way I work.

Higher productivity

My productivity is significantly higher working from home because I have the flexibility to organize my day with minimal distractions. The amount of work I can complete remotely has been astonishing. Much of the work I’ve done this year, from manager searches to asset allocation and proposals, would have previously taken months to achieve. It is amazing the time gained when you are not traversing airports, hailing Ubers or checking into hotels.

Moving forward, figuring out the way I want to live

I never realized the time gained when we don’t have to worry about a commute and other facets of office life. For weekends, my family and I enjoy spending time together in the Texas Hill Country. There are now more opportunities to be there, balancing what I love in a beautiful, outdoor environment. Working from home also presents other opportunities, such as eating lunch with my wife and daughter and staying more consistent with working out. My new schedule compliments my passion for road and gravel biking. For me, days go better with a decent ride before logging into work.

Many others have had positive experiences with the shift to remote work, while some have struggled. My advice for them is figure out what you need to be productive in this environment and learn to manage your time. Most importantly, prioritize your health and figure out the way you want to live.

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