Santa’s enterprise faces serious exposures, each with the potential to wreak holiday havoc. Here’s how Santa can rein in his risk to protect key elements of his operation.


Insuring Santa: Workshop Insurance

Santa’s workshop may be where the magic happens, but he shouldn’t assume his North Pole operation is immune to mishap.

Insuring Santa: Workers’ Compensation

Every year, Santa’s elves do a knockout job that could leave them nursing a workplace injury instead of a peppermint hot cocoa.

Insuring Santa: Cyber Coverage

Surely Santa has protected his cyber exposure in the event hackers exploit his massive database of names, addresses and routes?

Insuring Santa: Reindeer Coverage

Without his trusty reindeer, Santa would be a decidedly unjolly old elf. If he hasn’t already, he should insure his famous flyers to make sure his annual deliveries go off without a hitch.

Insuring Santa: Ocean Cargo Policy

Santa might think he’s home free when the toys are loaded on his sleigh and the reindeer have completed their pre-flight Christmas Eve checks. He’d be wrong, though. He needs to insure his toys specifically for the time they are in transit.

Insuring Santa: Sleigh Insurance

Even though Santa’s sleigh is magical, it’s still vulnerable to risks from the kind of damage unique to flying, open-air cargo transporters pulled by reindeer.