Crime and Fidelity

Argo Crime and Fidelity protects organizations from loss of money, securities or inventory resulting from crime.

    Table of Contents

  1. Highlights
  2. Limits
  3. Appetite

Coverage Highlights

Coverage available

Commercial Crime provides comprehensive and affordable protection for your clients, including:

  • Employee theft
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Theft, robbery and burglary (inside the premises)
  • Theft and robbery (outside the premises)
  • Computer fraud
  • Electronic funds transfer fraud
  • Money orders and counterfeit currency

Coverage Limits

Maximum capacity: $15 million

Appetite & Availability

Targeted classes

Middle-market risks

Non-Targeted Classes

  • Armored car service
  • Financial institutions
  • Travel and title agencies
  • Check cashing organizations


Richard Edsall

Senior Vice President, Commercial Management Liability

732-692-6163 Email

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