As a member of Argo Group, we are well-prepared when a risk becomes a reality. Our claims specialists engage our policyholders quickly after our first notice of a claim. The quick response culture at Argo Pro can directly improve your own client relationships. With our superior expertise, we thoroughly understand the professional lines claims that we handle and look to successfully resolve them in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is our practice to provide the highest quality claims service to our policyholders and their claimants.

Contact information

Policyholders should report all claims through their broker of record. Third-party claimants and their representatives can report claims directly to Argo Pro.

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Architects and Engineers PROtectSM Employment Practices Liability
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File a Claim

The initial notice of claim should include Claims Administrator’s own loss notice report, defense counsel’s case evaluation or a claims reporting form. Also include the contact information for the person responsible for handling the claim within the retention.

Email your claim to: [email protected]

Should you have questions with regard to reporting a claim, please contact your underwriter who can direct you to the proper contact.

In addition to electronic reporting, a policy holder or claimant can contact Argo Pro as follows:

  • Fax: 303-773-7373
  • Mailing address:  Argo Pro Claims, P.O. Box 469012, San Antonio, TX 78246

Should you wish to speak with an Argo Pro claims representative, you may also contact us at 833-240-4128.

Obtain loss run reports from Argo Pro

Non-Appointed Brokers / INSUREDS
Submit the Loss Run request on the insured’s letterhead.

Appointed Brokers
Please log in with your Argo Pro login credentials.

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