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Make Your Next Meeting a Success With These 5 Tips From Argo Underwriters

Leave your clients with a good impression and make lasting connections.

Alyssa Joubert HeadshotIn an interview with Insurance Insider, Alyssa Joubert, VP, Marketing and Distribution at Argo Group, discussed the importance of learning the people skills necessary to have successful meetings. “Creating that connection for continued conversation is what you want whenever you’re meeting with any broker or underwriter,” says Joubert.

The importance of establishing that connection is why Joubert and some of her Argo colleagues are sharing valuable tips to help nail your next client meeting.

  1. Have a clear agenda in mind – but be open to flexibility. Nobody enjoys being part of a meeting that doesn’t feel purposeful. “Think about what is going to make this meeting meaningful and what you want to walk away from the meeting with that will make these conversations worth having,” says Joubert.
  2. Research the client before your meeting. “Knowing the history, the ins and outs of the client, going into the meeting allows for a better discussion, and it makes the client feel you took the time to learn about them and helps with the overall relationship,” says Ray Tannock, VP & Head of Casualty Insurance Manager. Use public information on sites such as LinkedIn or your company’s internal data, if available, to learn about who you’re meeting with.
  3. Be personable, direct and confident in your interactions. “We have a lot of early career professionals entering the workplace who haven’t had time to develop those soft people skills,” says Joubert. Kimberly Lewis, SVP, Professional Insurance Manager, offers some advice for positive interactions: “Maintain eye contact. Ask open-ended questions rather than yes or no questions. Use their name when addressing a client.”
  4. Dress for success – and be ready to go any time. Proper attire demonstrates respect for yourself and for the client, so it can be helpful to always have professional clothes at hand. “I keep a spare jacket in the office just in case,” says Nick Wills, SVP, Property Insurance Underwriter. “Some of the members of my team keep dress shoes. If you’re asked to attend a meeting you weren’t expecting, at least you can pop a jacket or some shoes on.”
  5. Only share information that you know is accurate. “Do not overpromise,” says Lewis. “Don’t sit at the meeting and say what you can do when you haven’t really thought about it, researched it, or talked to your team.” If a client asks a question you can’t answer right away, commit to following up after the meeting when you’ve had time to consult with your team or manager.

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