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Argo Shares Communication Tips to Next Generation of Insurance Leaders

Representatives from Argo discussed communication challenges in insurance.

Experts from Argo Group’s communications team spoke at the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) 2022 Emerging Leaders Conference in Denver, sharing valuable insights to help the next generation of leaders succeed. 

The conference, which was held August 7–9, recognized emerging leaders from throughout the insurance industry and all over the country. In addition to Argo’s presentation at the conference, several Argo employees were selected as part of APCIA’s Class of 2022 Emerging Leaders. 

Helping leaders solve communication breakdowns in insurance

“This was a great opportunity to reach a large audience and discuss one of the biggest issues in our industry – effective communication,” says David Snowden, SVP Group Communications.  

Snowden, along with Jennifer Mendez, Director, Digital Marketing Communications, delivered a seminar on communication best practices for industry leaders. 

“Too often, companies struggle to recruit top talent or achieve buy-in from employees on company initiatives,” says Mendez. “We want to help them build stronger cultures and appeal to talent by sharpening their communication strategies.” 

Improving communications at every level of an organization

Their talk addressed communication challenges in the insurance industry, including: 

  • Communicating effectively in remote and hybrid work environments. 
  • Writing clear and concise emails, announcements and news items.
  • Authentically communicating environmental, social and government initiatives. 
  • Prioritizing diversity and inclusion in company communications. 
  • Reaching and recruiting the strongest talent on the best platforms. 

Empowering the next generation to lead the industry forward

“Companies sometimes overlook just how valuable communications are,” says Mendez. “By following these tips, industry leaders can improve communications throughout their operation.”

To learn more about Argo’s educational outreach and discover leadership tips from industry experts, visit Ascend With Argo. 

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