3 Ways to Start a Career in the Insurance Industry

Insurance is a fascinating and ever-evolving field – and starting a career is easier than many think.

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Insurance can be an exciting and fulfilling career with accessible entry points for those just entering the workforce or looking for a mid-career switch. Recently, three Argo employees shared their unique journeys to a rewarding career in insurance – and shared tips to help others do the same.

  • Seek out a certification or apprenticeship. Without any prior insurance experience, Serena Todd, VP, Casualty Insurance Underwriter, started her career with an AINS certification. Davone Hills, Digital Communications Specialist, got his start by searching for apprenticeships within the industry.
  • Find an insurance specialty within your existing skillset. David Corry, SVP, Head of Casualty, leveraged his degree in finance to specialize in that subject within the insurance industry.
  • Build relationships and seek advice from industry professionals. Serena Todd said, “You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to sit down with you and give you advice and insight into their roles.”

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