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At Argo Group, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. Our Board of Directors provides oversight of the company’s affairs and continuously looks for ways to improve and build upon Argo Group’s strong corporate governance practices.

Argo Group is dedicated to ensuring that our accounting and reporting systems operate with integrity and that our financial results accurately and fairly reflect the results of our operations. We strive to consistently provide financial information that is objective, transparent, timely and relevant. Abiding by these principles is vital to securing trust and respect from our shareholders, customers, employees and business partners.

The Code of Conduct and Business Ethics posted on our website was amended on February 20, 2018. Along with various clarifying changes, the amendment added a defined set of responsibilities for the Company’s heads of business divisions, business within the divisions, and corporate departments focused on, among other things, (i) promoting and maintaining awareness of the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics among all employees, (ii) establishing procedures intended to ensure continued compliance, and (iii) reporting breaches, providing timely and accurate information and referring questions related to the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics to the proper personnel.

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