New York Construction

By providing full action over coverage as well as non-action over coverage on owners, general contractors and trade contractors in New York, Argo Construction can meet the needs of a variety of construction risks in the state.

    Table of Contents

  1. Highlights
  2. Limits
  3. Appetite

Coverage Highlights

General Contractors

  • Focused on practice policies only
  • Primary and excess liability

Trade Contractors

  • Focused on interior trade contractors
  • Primary and excess liability
  • Consideration for certain high-hazard classes with an opportunistic approach

Coverage Limits

  • $2 million per occurrence
  • $4 million general aggregate
  • $4 million products aggregate
  • Ability to provide up to $10 million in lead excess limits

Appetite & Availability

General Contractors – focus on rehabilitation and renovation

  • Minimum premium $60,000
  • Practice policies only (no project general contractor)
  • No self-performed (employee) height work

Trade Contractors

  • Minimum premium $45,000
  • No self-performed (employee) exterior or height work; such work can be subcontracted.
  • Excludes roofing, street and road, demolition, sewer/water main and new ventures.

Prohibited Classes

  • Street and road
  • Demolition
  • Roofers
  • Sewer/water main contractors
  • New ventures (some consideration given to general contractors on a limited form)
  • The above contractors may be considered for excess of $10 million.


  • Lead excess – up to $10 million on supported coverage
  • Capacity deployed depends on size and scope of project or risk.
  • High excess – up to $25 million in cases of $10 million excess

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Jordan Marks

AVP, NY Construction Practice Leader


Justin Hobbs

Senior Underwriter, NY Construction


Britany Mercer

Underwriter I


Jaqueline Narine

Underwriter I, NY Construction


Cathy Huang

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