Owner’s Edge

Do more, faster, with Owner’s Edge


Our state-of-the-art online quoting platform, Owner’s Edge, gives busy brokers the freedom and flexibility to get pricing estimates and update quotes instantly.

With Owner’s Edge, you can submit Owner’s Interest and Owners and Contractors Protective policies simply and quickly and modify a submission until you reach exactly the coverage you need. Try it out.




More commission.

Submissions made through Owner’s Edge earn up to 22.5% commission.*

Instant pricing.
Get instant, detailed estimates on your coverage.

Flexible adjustments.
Modify your submission in Owner’s Edge until it’s exactly what you need.

*  This is more than the 17.5% earned by submitting directly to an underwriter.


Dedicated Owner’s Support


Reach out to your underwriter or to Argo Construction’s dedicated Owner’s unit leader, Danielle Sheridan, with any questions or for Owner’s Edge support.

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