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With instant clearance and quotes at higher commission, Owner’s Edge gives you the edge to successfully place your Owners business.

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Benefits of Owner’s Edge

As Argo Construction’s online quote platform for all Owner’s Interest and OCP Submissions, Owner’s Edge allows you to:

  • Enter the clearance information to validate clearance instantly.
  • Input project information to receive an instant quote.*
  • Choose any additional coverage options to customize your quote.
  • Revise quotes after initial input (such as change costs and dates).

All submissions entered into Owner’s Edge will receive a 20% commission.

*Owner’s Edge submissions needing additional review will receive priority handling by the Owners underwriting team.

Our Products

Owner’s Interest (OI)

CGL policy for an owner hiring a general contractor to construct a new building or renovate an existing building for a residential or commercial project.

Owners and Contractors Protective Liability (OCP)

OCPs provide coverage to supplement the owner’s additional insured status on the general contractor’s policy during construction – supported or unsupported.

All submissions entered into Owner’s Edge will receive a 20% commission

Coverage Comparison

 Coverages OI OCP
Completed Operations
Extended Completed Operations
Negligence of the Owners


At a minimum, an executed contract and certificate of insurance from the hired general contractor will be required, depending on the scope of work.

Depending on bank requirements, project specifics and other coverage in place, an OCP may be adequate coverage. But in many common scenarios, having only an OCP leaves large coverage gaps.

Our Owner’s Interest policies fill those gaps, contingent upon the general contractor:

  • handling all subcontractor activities and job-site safety
  • providing insured with “hold harmless” and indemnification language
  • providing insured with additional insured status in their favor.

Who Do I Contact for Help With Owner’s Edge?

The Argo Construction – Owner’s Team is always available to help with your questions.

To sign up for Owner’s Edge: visit the portal

For technical questions: [email protected]

To request a product demo:

[email protected]

To learn more about our products reach out to your assigned underwriter or any of the following owner’s team members.

Brent Smith

Samandhy Gotham

Nicholas Cheung

Helena Violette
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