Trident Public Risk Solutions

The Argo public entity insurance program is administered by Paragon Insurance Holdings, LLC:   As a leading public entity insurance program, effective 6/1/21, Argo and Paragon have partnered with Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. to provide specialized claim-handling and oversight.  The Sedgwick claim team members are experts in handling the unique risks faced by public entities and understand the types of claims faced by our clients and research cases thoroughly to help assure timely and fair resolution.

Workers’ Compensation, Auto, General Liability, Property & Professional Liability Claims

Claims can be reported to:

Intake Phone: 866-231-7512
Intake Fax: 844-928-3130
Intake Email: [email protected]
Existing Claims Email: [email protected]

Access the Worker’s Compensation Claims Kit (State Forms)

Help Injured Workers and Their Employers

As soon as you make a claim, Sedgwick will:

  • Assist injured workers in finding a qualified medical provider.
  • Find return-to-work opportunities that minimize downtime and costs for employers.
  • Contact claimants promptly to get facts and evidence early.
  • Coordinate early repairs to minimize disruption to normal business operations.

Reduce the Cost of a Claim

When the claim is reported and handled early, the injured employee:

  • Receives medical attention more quickly so his/her condition is less likely to worsen.
  • Is less likely to become anxious or disgruntled and initiate a lawsuit that might be avoided.

Find a workers’ comp medical provider

Sedgwick Provider Benchmarking and Search Tool

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