“We’re optimistic.” Argo’s Outlook on the New York Construction Market

The new leader of Argo Group’s New York Construction business shares why she feels positive about the market.

Picture of construction in Manhattan.

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In an interview with Business Insurance, Marissa Prestimonico, the recently appointed VP, New York Construction Business Leader at Argo Group, shares the team’s dedication to the notoriously complex New York construction market. 

  • Argo will take advantage of the New York market’s growth potential. Prestimonico says the prospects for the New York construction market are high. “It’s set for substantial growth. We’re enthusiastic about our plans, and I am proud to lead the New York construction team to seize the opportunities ahead.”
  • The team is committed to navigating the market’s regulatory complexities. “New York’s construction industry operates within specific regulations,” says Prestimonico. “The need for tailored insurance coverage, local contacts and expertise is paramount.” Other insurance companies may be deterred by this challenge, but Argo Group is eager to seize the opportunities it presents.
  • Prestimonico will draw on her experience-based understanding of insurance. Prestimonico’s professional journey started from the ground-up. “I began as a customer service associate at another company. Just a few short months later, I become an underwriting assistant with a New York Construction book of business and fell in love with the space.” After many promotions, Prestimonico is now a vice president with a thorough background in all aspects of the business.

For more on Argo Group’s view of the New York construction market, read the full article, or learn more about Argo Construction 

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