At U.S. Grocery & Retail, when a risk becomes a reality, we act quickly and fairly to settle claims. Our effective claims handling is based on best practices and extensive industry experience. This is where we prove the value of your partnership with us: Getting you back in business, getting your employees back to work, and keeping your customers from shifting loyalty and going elsewhere. And, equally important, we have proven tools to help you mitigate future claims. Let us help you to reduce your claims costs.

Our expertise in accident prevention and claims handling is a key competitive edge for our agents and brokers. And, the financial strength of Argo Group companies ensures that we will be here over the long term to support our insureds.

Worker’s Compensation

Help Us Help You … Report Claims Early

Timely reporting of a loss or claim is always important, but even more so in the case of a workers’ comp claim.

For liability claims, prompt notice allows the claims examiner to make contact with all concerned parties while memories and evidence are fresh. With property claims, prompt reporting can result in early coordination of services, which may minimize business interruption and assure protection of the property from further damage.

Help Injured Workers and Their Employers

As soon as you make a claim, Argo Insurance will:

  • Assist injured workers in finding a qualified medical provider.
  • Find return-to-work opportunities that minimize downtime and costs for employers.
  • Contact claimants promptly to get facts and evidence early.
  • Coordinate early repairs to minimize disruption to normal business operations.

Reduce the Cost of a Claim

When the claim is reported and handled early, the injured employee:

  • Receives medical attention more quickly so his/her condition is less likely to worsen.
  • Is less likely to become anxious or disgruntled and initiate a lawsuit that might be avoided.

For further information contact:

Toll free: 800-777-3602

Find a workers’ comp medical provider

The “Find a Provider” site lets you easily locate a workers’ comp medical provider.

Use the following login credentials:

Account Name: argo
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