Work with a Surety Provider Who Truly Understands Mining

Argo Surety combines technical and financial expertise

When Argo Surety’s engineers and underwriters work together, their analysis can produce a comprehensive picture of a mine’s viability.

“Our team understands the business from a technical as well as a financial standpoint,” says Joe Poplawski, SVP, National Underwriting Officer, Mining Practice Leader at Argo Group. “When you place a reclamation surety bond with Argo, you’re not just dealing with surety underwriters — you’re talking to other engineers.”

An engaged partner makes for a smoother operation

Argo’s engineers have more than 50 combined years of hands-on experience in all aspects of a mining operation. They analyze technical reports, conduct site visits and discuss details with the mine’s engineers throughout the life cycle of an operation.

That level of expertise and engagement can yield benefits for mining companies. The more confident Argo Surety is in the success of a reclamation operation, the better the terms and conditions they can offer.

Argo supports sustainability and efficiency

“We offer competitive terms for those organizations who meet or exceed the legal requirements established for reclamation,” says Poplawski.

Argo Surety specializes in supporting bonds for commercial surety clients, offering a capacity to support up to $300 million for qualifying customers. The team is eager to work with more mining organizations around the continent and reward the best companies operating today.

“We’re always looking for new partnerships,” says Poplawski. “We want to hear from mining companies, talk through their challenges and discuss how we can help them succeed.”

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