Human Rights

Argo Group recognizes that business has the responsibility to respect human rights and the ability to contribute to positive human rights impacts. We are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect, and we strive to promote human rights in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We expect the third parties we work with do the same.

We are committed to safe, healthy working conditions and we strongly support allowing for freedom of association and collective bargaining. We strive to provide a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and forced or child labor.

We have in place a number of due diligence processes and systems to mitigate the risk to the business of slavery and human trafficking:

  • Risk management framework that identifies and assesses potential risk areas to the business such as slavery and human trafficking
  • Mitigation of risk in our supply chains by setting clear requirements and expectations for our potential outsourcing partners and suppliers
  • The monitoring of outsourcing partners and suppliers to ensure that the level of risk of slavery and human trafficking to Argo remains low
  • Ensuring that there are in place the appropriate recruitment processes and procedures (the relevant due diligence and vetting is carried out on all recruitment agencies that are listed on the Argo panel)
  • Protecting whistle blowers; Argo has adopted a whistleblowing policy to ensure that all employees feel comfortable and confident to report any acts of malpractice by their colleagues, management, customers and other market practitioners

Human Rights and Labor Policy (PDF)

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