9 Working From Home Tips to Stay Connected With Clients

Stay Connected With Clients: 9 Working From Home Tips

By Lauren Binkley

Work-at-home policies require creative thinking to ensure client relationships don’t suffer. While there’s no denying the benefits of face-to-face meetings, with some planning and effort, it’s possible to maintain strong client connections while working from home. Here are nine tips to help you successfully engage with clients while social distancing.

  1. 1. Make sure your clients know how to reach you.

    This sounds simple, but it’s absolutely imperative to reassure clients that you are reliably available while working from home. Share your email and the phone number(s) where you can be reached.

  2. 2. Set regular check-in appointments.

    If you had a weekly call before working from home, be sure to continue that cadence. Consistency matters. Some clients need more contact than others, so be sure to gauge the appropriate cadence for each client.

  3. 3. Follow up promptly.

    Clients are bound to have a lot of questions and concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you don’t know the answer, it’s OK to say so. Just stick to the facts, and tell your client you will find the answer. Tell them when you will follow up – and keep your word.

  4. 4. Create a work system that works at home.

    Develop a routine that mirrors the one you followed at the office so that you can meet the same objectives. For example, if you were making five in-person visits a week, make sure you set up five video calls per week.

  5. 5. Use all channels available to stay connected.

    Take full advantage of email, phone calls and social media. Lean on LinkedIn to strengthen your professional brand. Always be on the lookout for important updates from your company or any other content that is relevant to your client audience and share it to let them know you are consistently looking out for them. Going the extra distance matters.

  6. 6. Be camera ready.

    Even though working from home makes it possible to roll out of bed and get straight to work, I don’t recommend it. Take the time to prepare mentally and physically for your workday by getting ready as if you were going to the office. And consider what background is visible when your camera is on – you’ll want clients to focus on your message rather than the mountain of laundry over your shoulder or kids sparring in the background.

  7. 7. Mic-check and more.

    Practice using any new-to-you programs, apps or equipment so minutes aren’t wasted with troubleshooting. Always practice good conference- and video-call etiquette by confirming you are muted unless speaking.

  8. 8. Send clients a gift to lighten their load or put a spring in their step.

    Sending a gift card from a meal-kit delivery service is one way to give clients a welcome ­– and tasty – break at the end of a long day. Online fitness classes are another thoughtful gift option. Invite a client who enjoys working out to join you for a livestreamed class with your favorite yoga or HIIT instructor.

  9. 9. Don’t let interruptions derail you.

    Everyone new to working from home is experiencing similar challenges. So if your normally silent dog howls in the middle of a call or your child chooses that moment to wear her lunch while parading past your desk chair, give yourself a break. We’re all in this together.

Lauren Binkley is assistant vice president, marketing & producer management, for Argo Pro.

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