Women in Insurance: At the Intersection of Expertise

Mary Buschman’s background in fine art, finance and law perfectly qualifies her to lead ARIS Title Insurance Corporation.


“I couldn’t have written my journey better.”

That’s how Mary Buschman describes the experiences that led to her appointment as president of ARIS Title Insurance Corporation, Argo’s insurer and underwriter of title insurance for fine art and other important collectibles.

Buschman’s career began in fine art. As a dealer, she gained experience buying and selling everything from American art to contemporary photography. Then, as an operations manager for a capital market company, she structured financial deals with lenders, institutional funds and third-party investors.

Most recently, she moved to the insurance industry to serve as chief underwriting counsel for ARIS, learning the ins and outs of the business, including legal guidance from Barbara Sutherland, SVP, general counsel for Argo Group.

“It’s the first time in my career that I’ve had a mentor that has made me play at a higher level of my own game on an everyday basis,” Buschman says.

Mentorships can help women in insurance succeed

While Buschman brought the ideal knowledge and experience to ARIS, she also credits Sutherland’s guidance with setting her up for success.

“I’ve always wished to have a mentor like Barbara,” she says. “The professional and personal integrity she brings and the work we do together makes me bring my A game.

“I think it speaks volumes about the company – it’s a testament to the women we have at the top, and I’m very appreciative of it.”

Their relationship inspires Buschman to pay it forward.

“I think it speaks volumes about the company – it’s a testament to the women we have at the top, and I’m very appreciative of it.”

“I get invited to speak to women who are still in school,” she says. “I’m a better spokesperson now. I want women in insurance to start their careers hearing my story, seeing how they can relate to it and knowing that it could be them some day.”

Forward-thinking leaders stand out from the crowd

As president of ARIS, Buschman oversees every aspect of a client’s policy from origination to execution. Her ability to be nimble in that process comes from experience, she says, but also from how Argo leaders embrace progress as they anticipate and adapt to the changing industry.

“That open-mindedness and sophisticated viewpoint trickles down,” Buschman says. “I’m a beneficiary of it, and my mantra has always been to continue to grow and learn.

“I read a lot about the women in art who were pioneers way before their time,” she says. “They paved the way. That’s what I aspire to. You should always strive to be your own hero.”

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