Public entities: Retained limits group

Trident Public Risk Solutions serves large individual governmental entities and self-insured governmental pools. Using both traditional and creative approaches, Trident aligns insurance products and services with its clients, targeting sophisticated accounts who participate in their own risk bearing.

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Coverage Highlights

Trident’s Retained Limits Group targets larger individual governmental entities and self-insured governmental pools, including:

  • Cities, counties, towns, villages, boroughs, townships, schools (K–12), colleges, universities and technical/vocational schools
  • Single-purpose tax-supported entities such as park districts, recreation commissions, transit districts (ability to provide protection for light rail), housing authorities, water, sewer, irrigation, reclamation districts, or any other tax-supported entity normally contemplated within the budget of a public entity
  • Interlocal risk sharing pools (Pools) and joint powers authorities (JPA)

Coverage available

  • Lead excess proprietary admitted coverage form provides general liability, auto liability, law enforcement liability, public officials liability, employment practices liability, educators legal liability and property directly over a self-insured retention
  • Admitted follow form excess coverage
  • Assumed reinsurance over memorandum(s) of coverage (MOCs) allowed by enabling statutes

Program highlights

  • Aggregate stops available
  • Corridor retentions available
  • Manuscript wordings

Additional Information

Disclaimer: The insurance policies, not this webpage, form the contract between the insured and the insurance company. The policies contain limits, exclusions, and conditions that are not listed here. All coverages are subject to individual underwriting judgments and to state legal and regulatory requirements. This webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Policies for this program are issued by one or more insurance companies of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd. Trident is a registered service mark of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd.



John Atherton, CPCU

SVP, General Manager

415-901-2559 Email

Bill Davidson, CRIS

Vice President, National Underwriting Director

415-757-2507 Email

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