Public Entities: Data Compromise 360©

Designed to help local governments respond to data breach incidents involving employee or client information that was stolen, electronically hacked, or lost through an accidental or inadvertent release.

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Coverage Highlights

Data Compromise 360© is designed to help local governments respond to the financial burden and service obligations a data breach of personal information can cause.

Coverage for data compromise includes:

  • Responding to breach, theft or unauthorized disclosure of personal information.
  • PCI fines and penalties.
  • Providing legal notification in compliance with state requirements.
  • Defense and liability for actions brought for breach of personal information.
  • IT forensic and public relations costs.


Data Compromise 360© is available as additional policy coverage that’s part of Trident’s public entity package. Coverage is provided on a claims-made basis.


Most public entities are eligible for Data Compromise 360©.


Date of breach may not be prior to first inception of the coverage. No coverage is provided for insured’s criminal acts or reckless disregard for data security.

Gain Access to Valuable Online Resources

Data Compromise 360© includes access to eRiskHub®, an online resource for training, best practices and other risk management tools for cyber exposures. Visit our eRiskHub® portal to register or log in.

Additional Information

Disclaimer: The insurance policies, not this webpage, form the contract between the insured and the insurance company. The policies contain limits, exclusions, and conditions that are not listed here. All coverages are subject to individual underwriting judgments and to state legal and regulatory requirements. This webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Policies for this program are issued by one or more insurance companies of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd. Trident is a registered service mark of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd.


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