Public Entities: Cyber Coverage 360©

Designed to help local governments respond to cyber exposure incidents such as computer attacks, cyber extortion, network security liability and electronic media liability.

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Coverage Highlights

Cyber Coverage 360© provides both first and third-party coverage that’s triggered when an insured discovers an attack on an owned or leased computer.

A computer hack may be:

  • A hacking event or other instance of someone illegally gaining access.
  • An attack by a virus or other malware.
  • A denial-of-service attack.
Discovery of the attack must occur during the policy period. Coverage does not apply to breaches that occur prior to the first inception of the coverage.

Coverage for computer attacks includes:

  • Data restoration costs
  • System restoration costs

Coverage for Cyber Extortion

Coverage for cyber extortion incidents includes the cost of hiring a professional firm – i.e., coverage for a firm hired by the insured to investigate and negotiate a cyber extortion threat, which is deemed a credible threat, or series of threats to launch a potential denial-of-service attack.

Other Coverage Highlights

  • Network Security Liability
  • Electronic Media Liability

Gain Access to Valuable Online Resources

Cyber Coverage 360© includes access to eRiskHub®, an online resource for training, best practices and other risk management tools for cyber exposures. Visit our eRiskHub® portal to register or log in. 

Additional Information

The insurance policies, not this webpage, form the contract between the insured and the insurance company. The policies contain limits, exclusions, and conditions that are not listed here. All coverages are subject to individual underwriting judgments and to state legal and regulatory requirements. This webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Policies for this program are issued by one or more insurance companies of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd. Trident is a registered service mark of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd.


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