Trident Public Risk Solutions Show Power of Apps in RIMS Presentation

Trident Public Risk Solutions Will Show the Power of Apps in RIMS Presentation

Trident Public Risk Solutions has a message for risk management professionals attending this year’s RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia: It’s time to power up your risk management capabilities.

Frank Mazzagatti, risk control consultant for Trident, will show municipal risk managers how they can unleash the power of technology in his presentation, “Unlocking Apps to Supercharge Your Risk Management Program,” on April 26.

The good news is that most risk managers already have the basic tool needed to boost their expertise: a smartphone. These phones, which come equipped with calculators, calendars, cameras and web browsers, can be valuable risk management tools, Mazzagatti said.

Even with the ever-increasing use of smartphones, many people still think of them more as amusement devices without tapping the phones’ full potential for business, he said.

“In the midst of millions of mobile applications, there are some very useful tools that will help us as we fulfill our diverse and ever-evolving role as risk managers,” Mazzagatti said. “These apps can keep us informed, provide sources of reference and alert us to impending danger.”

Mazzagatti will help attendees locate apps, call out a list of proven winners and walk attendees through the process of evaluating apps to help municipal risk managers do their jobs better and produce innovative results.

One of the apps he will cover utilizes infrared radiation (IR) as a nondestructive inspection technique.

“The use of IR can help pinpoint concerns that could have otherwise been missed with a visual assessment, such as water penetration, electrical problems and more,” Mazzagatti said.

RIMS 2017 will be held April 23-26 at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center. Mazzagatti will speak from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m. on April 26 in room 116.

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