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One Size Doesn’t Fit All Larger Public Entities

Trident’s Public Entity Retained Limits Group specializes in tailor-made solutions.

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All risks are not created equal. Insurance coverage that’s perfect for a governing body in California may not be so perfect for a similar entity in New York. That’s one reason why Trident Public Risk Solutions is here for clients with its Retained Limits Group coverage. Each Trident account, whether an individual risk or a statute-enabled pooling exposure, is a custom-tailored solution to each insured’s particular requirements.

Trident’s Public Entity Retained Limit Group caters to those entities that participate in their own risk bearing. Self-insured retentions (SIRs) give insureds added flexibility to control their own destinies with respect to claims within their retention.

What Trident covers: Trident offers clients an in-depth review of their insurance programs to uncover gaps or inconsistencies within their current program, and will work with clients to improve them.

Who Trident insures: Trident’s Public Entity Retained Limits Group provides a proprietary coverage form for larger public entities, quasi-public entities performing a public entity function such as parks management or water utilities, and governmental risk pools across the United States. Support is also provided on a reinsurance basis for pooled risks using their own memoranda of coverage. Clients include cities, counties, towns, villages, water/sewer/reclamation districts, park and library districts, fire districts, port and toll authorities, transit districts (including light rail), community colleges, school districts, charter schools, and more. Trident offers liability coverage for law enforcement exposures, public officials, employment practices, general and auto liability, and educators. Experienced underwriting teams are focused solely on retained limits business and are on the ground in San Francisco, Chicago and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Other ways Trident can help: In today’s complex risk environment, public entities need a team of experts on their side. That’s where Trident’s Retained Limits Group comes in with strategies and tools to keep officials and their entities safe and sound. Among the resources available from Trident are a Risk Control Resources Library featuring materials to help reduce the risk of insurance loss and claims. Trident’s claims specialists focus solely on the complexities of public entity claims. Additionally, they are well versed in first-dollar claim handling, enabling them to provide services as Third Party Administrator (TPA) for those insureds seeking support in managing claims within their retained limits.

Technology issues will keep public entities busy as they deal with an unprecedented rate of change. One tech development for public entities to keep on their radar screens is the rising use of drones and the liability issues surrounding their usage.

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To learn more: Each month, Trident will feature an additional line of business in the “Trident Is Here” series. Trident – a leading provider of commercial insurance for small to midsized public entities in the United States – offers a suite of packaged coverage designed specifically for each client. Trident covers more than 2,000 municipalities, public schools and special districts seeking a multi-line solution for their insurance programs.

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