Trident Claims VP Sees Insurance Industry as Dynamic and Evolving

Keith Daleb sees great opportunities, especially for millennials, as companies increasingly rely on digital technology to evaluate and manage risks.

For Keith Daleb, there’s no such thing as a typical day as vice president of claims at Trident Public Risk Solutions.

Daleb spends a fair amount of time traveling to meet with his two teams, which are split between Springfield, Massachusetts, and San Antonio, Texas.

“It’s fairly dynamic other than a set schedule with my team in terms of direct reports,” said Daleb, a married father of two college-age daughters. “There’s really something different and new every day.”

Daleb, who joined Argo Group in April 2008, recently discussed a broad range of topics as part of Trident’s Labor of Love series. The series offers an up-close and personal look at some of Trident’s insurance officials.

What are some of the more rewarding claims you’ve come across?

The ones where we’ve been involved with our insureds early on and work proactively to achieve a favorable result, whether that’s preventing a claim or mitigating damages on that claim. Hopefully we work with the insured to avoid a lawsuit down the road.

What’s been a highlight from your career?

Watching people get involved with the industry and developing within the team. Currently we have individuals we brought on 15-plus years ago as trainees who are still with the organization.

Have you had any surprises during your career?

Just how interesting and dynamic it really is. From involvement in the launch of employment practice liability insurance in the 1990s, to Y2K, to current issues with cyber insurance, it’s always evolving.

What advice would you give people beginning their careers in insurance?

I would say diversify your experience among all facets of insurance – underwriting, market control, actuarial – through internal and external training and seminars.

Where do you feel the industry is going? 

Without a doubt, technology. We’re in a digital age – just anything from mobile apps to using analytics to evaluate risks. I think there’s a huge opportunity in the direction we’re going.

To the outsider, working in the specialty insurance industry may seem, frankly, kind of dull. Would you beg to differ?

The insurance industry definitely has a coolness problem. But if I’m speaking to millennials, I think there’s a huge opportunity to get involved, especially now. Most companies – especially Argo – are pushing their digital platforms, trying to implement technology in every facet of the organization from claims to marketing. It presents a unique opportunity today to get young people involved in the industry.

Speaking of millennials, what would your elevator pitch be?

My pitch would be to join Argo. I think we’re taking the forefront in embracing digital and trying to incorporate it in every facet of the organization. Insurance in general is far more dynamic than young people give it credit for.

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