CE Express Offers Tools and Equipment Insurance Coverage

Argo Marine Launches New Digital Portal for Contractors Equipment Coverage

Contractors Equipment Express is designed to rate, quote, purchase and issue policies – fast.

Excavator digging a large trench

As demand for specialty trade and service contractors continues to rise, the Argo Marine team recognized the opportunity to create an efficient digital portal specifically for brokers to enter submissions for these small to medium risks.

Contractors Equipment Express covers a broad range of contractor equipment – including nail guns, backhoes, trenchers, hand tools and saws – with up to $10 million in total scheduled values. Potential insureds are those involved in the construction process, such as landscapers, electricians, plumbers, masons, framers and HVAC contractors.

“This is a win for companies that may have found it challenging to obtain tools and equipment insurance coverage at a premium that made sense for them,” says Laura Havice, Senior Vice President, Head of Argo Marine.

Streamlined rate, quote, purchase and issue platform

Contractors Equipment Express is admitted in all states and offers competitive rates and premiums. The portal delivers on its promise of speed by providing an instant quote letter and forms and the ability to purchase with the click of a button – all without requiring a schedule of equipment.

“The platform is user-friendly from beginning to end, with pre-loaded forms and an immediate policy upon submission,” Havice says.

How to access Contractors Equipment Express

Submit the following to obtain a quote:

  • Insured name and address
  • Class code
  • Total equipment value
  • Number of years in business
  • Loss runs
  • Primary permanent yard information

Download the Contractors Equipment Express highlight sheet for appetite and coverage details.

Learn more about Contractors Equipment Express.

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