Surety Bond Reviews | Argo Helps Partner Upgrade Waste-to-Energy Plant

Partnerships and Shared Success: Argo Surety Bonds Help Upgrade Waste-to-Energy Plant

Learn how Argo’s surety bonds helped its partner Covanta upgrade a Florida facility that turns trash into power.

The Pinellas County Resource Recovery Facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a waste-to-energy plant that converts trash into electricity, which is used to power the plant itself and sold to a local utility company. 

When Covanta took over the plant’s operations in 2014, it was in need of upgrades costing about $200 million. Breaking down the upgrades into smaller obligations, Argo wrote surety bonds that helped Covanta – and Pinellas County taxpayers – protect their investment and ensure the job got done.

To learn more about Argo Surety’s partnership with Covanta, see a 360-degree video inside the Pinellas County facility.

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