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The Simple Way to Get Small Business Coverage

Argo Group recently partnered with Thimble, flexible liability insurance for small businesses and gig workers that’s convenient and affordable.

Male and female contractor working together on a project, measuring lumber.

Budget and lack of awareness are two considerable obstacles for small businesses and independent contractors looking to insure their operations. Understanding these challenges, Argo Group recently partnered with industry innovators to offer a convenient and cost-effective solution that protects more than 130 professions.

Meet Thimble, short-term liability insurance that lets policyholders control costs with project-specific coverage only as long as it’s needed. It’s an excellent resource for brokers to cover risk in markets previously inaccessible due to budgetary constraints. Plus, Thimble’s streamlined online platform makes it easy for brokers to swiftly quote and bind a policy for instant protection.

Two coverage types for policyholders

Depending on their circumstances, businesses and gig workers can choose between two types of short-term liability coverage through Thimble:

  1. On-demand coverage offers protection for a specific time period as little as one hour. This is helpful for businesses that require insurance in order to bid on a project or perform short-term work.
  2. Month-to-month coverage lets policyholders cancel and resume at any time without obligation. It’s perfect for operations that have a regular peak season that requires continuous coverage.

Thimble’s versatile insurance also allows businesses to supplement existing coverage by tacking on additional protections that may not be necessary for the entire length of the original policy.

General and professional liability insurance for small businesses

The general liability coverage available through Thimble protects against claims arising from business operations that cause:

  • Bodily injury or property damage
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Damage to premises

Take Jan the Gardener, for example. Her thriving business inadvertently caused a client’s trip-and-fall injury during a job. Her general liability policy offset the financial burden of paying for medical expenses.

Thimble’s professional liability coverage protects against claims arising from business operations that result in:

  • Negligence
  • Errors and omissions
  • Incorrect advice
  • Failure to deliver a service

When Anna the Photographer’s client accused her of not properly editing some wedding photos, she found herself in small claims court. Her professional liability policy covered her legal defense fees.

How else can Thimble protect small businesses? Learn more.