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Trident Public Risk Solutions

Allowing Service Animals In K-12 Schools: What Educators Should Know

A Supreme Court ruling from 2017 shines a spotlight on the legal risks educators face when deciding not to allow service animals in schools.


Focus: Bridging the gaps in provenance | Insurance Day

Title insurance for fine art and collectibles is being increasingly utilised as the art market changes and new buyers of art emerge, but it is a class that comes with unique jurisdiction and other legal exposures.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

Why Cities Should Plan Now to Lower Risks From Fireworks Displays

Spectacular pyrotechnic displays are expected to light up the night skies around the world as revelers celebrate the arrival of 2018. But fireworks can also pose serious hazards for municipalities.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

How Connected Vehicle Technology Paves the Way for Driverless Cars

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that V2V technology could reduce unimpaired driver accidents by as much as 80 percent and that V2I adds an additional 12 percent reduction in unimpaired driver accidents.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

What Risk Managers Should Know About Avoiding Costly Jail Claims

A Trident Public Risk Solutions study found that hundreds of claims made against jails resulted in millions of dollars in losses.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

Trident Claims VP Sees Insurance Industry as Dynamic and Evolving

Keith Daleb sees great opportunities, especially for millennials, as companies increasingly rely on digital technology to evaluate and manage risks.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

How Trident Can Help Towns Avoid Costly Litigation

Trident Public Risk Solutions recently helped a town involved in a well-publicized land-use dispute avoid getting sued.

Argo Pro

This Is Why Private Companies Should Minimize These Top 5 Risks

For managers of private companies, risks are sometimes unavoidable. But they can at least be mitigated with these five tips.

Grocery & Retail

App Reduces Slip-and-Fall Accidents at Your Restaurant or Grocery Store

Slip-and-fall hazards cost companies billions each year. Argo Risk Tech can help ease that money drain by decreasing the chance of incidents in the first place.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

How Public Entities Can Reduce the Risk of Slips and Falls in Winter

Snow and ice add an extra layer of risk for slips and falls and require particular attention from local governments. Having a plan in place before a storm hits is essential.

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