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9 Technologies Reshaping the Insurance Industry [Infographic]

These emerging technologies are disrupting the status quo in the insurance industry.

Argo's 12 Days of Santa's Insurance: Cyber Coverage

From names and presents to addresses and routes, Santa has so much data to track, he’d be out of his red hat not to protect it. It’s a good thing Argo has a policy to make sure the only clouds Santa has to worry about are the ones he flies through.

Argo Digital

Five Ways to Talk to Your Clients, Customers and Employees in 2017

Follow these guidelines for more effective communication in the digital age.

Argo Digital

High-Tech Gadget Reduces Slip-and-Fall Claims for Grocery Chain

“With their new electronic platform, it takes a lot of the headaches away,” a Leevers Supermarkets official said about Argo Group’s new digitized store inspections product.

Argo Digital

How Insurance Companies Can Turn Data Into Innovation

Today’s vast amount of data along with new tools can result in better products and more proactive customer relationships.

How Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and a Stream of Data Help Insurers and Others Assess Risk

In Austin, a panel hosted by Argo Digital discussed the proliferation of data, the rise of artificial intelligence, and how they can help assess risk and improve business.

Key Insights from SXSW Panel on Machine Learning/AI and Risk Transfer in the 21st Century

The amount of existing data today is staggering. For the insurance industry, that can mean improvements in risk assessment for those taking risks and those bearing them.

Hey, Millennial! Consider a Career in Insurance

"There will be opportunities for those that can differentiate"

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