Restaurants Use Tech to Improve Safety and Reduce Claims

Restaurants Use Cutting-Edge Tech to Improve Safety and Reduce Claims

Learn how technology is transforming the way restaurants manage risk in this new white paper.

Young woman using a digital tablet while working in a coffee shop

A new white paper from Argo Insurance shows how technology is helping restaurants harness the power of the cloud and the internet of things to reduce claims and cut the total cost of risk.

Claims are costly, and paper-based safety checks aren’t helping.

Claims from slip-and-fall accidents are the No. 1 cause of loss for restaurants. Indirect costs of injuries are an estimated three to 10 times more than the direct costs. And food-poisoning claims, while less common, can have catastrophic consequences on a restaurant’s brand and result in significant loss.

Paper-based checklists used today are inefficient and unreliable. Even some of the best organizations complete only 40 percent of mandated inspections. That leads to risks such as:

  • High rates of employee and customer injuries.
  • Increased foodborne illness.
  • Property or equipment damage.
  • Compliance fines.
  • Negative inspection ratings and customer reviews.

Technology can help increase efficiency and reduce claims.

Digital safety checks using mobile devices, cloud-based data storage and analytics, and special sensors let managers measure employee compliance while conducting safety checks.

Beyond reducing the number and severity of incidents, other advantages include:

  • Less manual paperwork.
  • Consistent cleanliness across multiple locations.
  • Easy-to-use applications for smart devices.
  • Automated logs with prompts, dates and timestamps.
  • More consistent, accurate logging.
  • Real-time data.
  • Immediate access to video, photos, witness information and statements.

To learn more, read the free white paper: The Future of Accident and Risk Prevention: Using Technology to Manage Risk in the Restaurant Industry.