Argo in Focus:
Our Strategy

Argo Group’s strategy for 2020 is to concentrate its resources and efforts to deliver the highest profit.

Tweet this Gary Grose outlines Argo’s strategy for 2020.

Argo Group is not waiting for the future. The future of insurance – a reliance on data and an emphasis on digital – is here. Argo is one of the trailblazers leading the industry along this path. As such, the company is better prepared than most to seize today’s opportunities and succeed.

Gary Grose fully appreciates the strategic implications of the new reality in insurance. According to the Argo executive vice president, the best way to describe the company’s strategy is: focus on what Argo does best.

“Strategy has always been important at Argo,” he says. “Our model going forward is to focus on the areas where we are very profitable now and, if they need more resources and capital to grow, then we give it to them.”

Gary adds that the company also will concentrate on areas in which a stronger commitment by Argo – in terms of people, investment and other resources – will generate profit. He asserts that this focused approach makes perfect sense in the field of specialty insurance.

“People do business with us because of our expertise in very specific areas,” Gary says. “It’s a complicated business, specialty insurance. That’s why we love it; that’s why I’m in it.”


Gary Grose

Gary Grose is executive vice president of Argo Group. In this role, he leads group producer management and marketing, and oversees the following Argo businesses: Contract, Property, Environmental, Transportation and Inland Marine.